F & Q

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How can I get my website designed for free?

We no longer offer free website design.

Do I own my Domain & Website Design?

Yes. You own any paid custom website we develop or design for you as well as your domain name.

What all do I pay?

You pay one time for your domain &SSL, and monthly hosting and/or maintenance cost. Its either $8.49 or$25.49 a month. No taxes & some fees may apply.

What’s your turn-around time?

This varies depending on how busy we are and what you are asking for. We try not to take on more than we can handle.


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What platform do you use to develop/design my website?

Although we can a host a variety of platforms we design & develop our websites in WordPress.

Other platforms we host include Joomla, Magneto, Concrete 5, & Drupal. 

I can’t afford my hosting this month. Can you help?

There is a 2 day grace period and another 3 days before your account is suspended. It will be automatically terminated after 30 days. There is a $35 restoration fee.

How to Avoid the Restoration Fee?
What are all the services that Salon IDm provide?

We test marketing and design strategies before we offer them so this varies.

What Payment Methods do your accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We ended our Paypal relationship.

Do you accept Cash app?

No. You cannot pay by cash app. We do not send or request anything by cash app.